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It is known that Lexmark printers occupy one of the best places among-st all the brand names of the printers. This doesn’t results in that they’ll never create issues as of their slow speeds, execution errors and a lot many. Software up-gradation problems may arise and a lot many reasons that create squabble situations. So, in accordance to that we are providing you with the Lexmark Printer Customer Service Phone Number which helps you in getting out of the troublesome situations.

Our tech support team provides you undeniably flawless services with which you can clear the entire lapse you are facing with your Lexmark Printers. Sometimes, due to viruses your printer may crash and that too results in the stoppage of the process in the midst. This happens as the driver of the printer may get infected due to the viruses and it then fails in resulting with the optimum services as it is supposed to be. In the indigestible cases of the failure of your printer you can contact Lexmark Printer Tech Support Phone Number for toll free at 1-866-866-1752. We are there to support you 24*7 round the clock over the globe.

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Basic Problems while working on Lexmark Printer

  • Printer doesn't turn on and turn off
  • Connection loss between Computer and Printer
  • Printer is Overheating
  • Printing one document at a time

Solutions for resolving problems by our technical team

Printer doesn't turn on and turn off Check one time the cord is connected tightly, motherboard is functioning properly if not tight the cable and install the new motherboard board respectively. Connection loss between Computer and Printer USB Cable may not be connected, Operating System may not be compatible, Computer and Printer Status may be lost. Printer is Overheating Printer is overheating because of damage of cooling fan, For that you have to install new cooling fan. Printing one document at a time If the printer print only one document at one time then follow these steps for lexmark printer support:
1. Go to the control panel, Click on Printer
2. Select Properties by pressing Right Click
3. Enable Printer Advanced Features and then click Ok.